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Little Acorns Daycare-

From little acorns, grow strong oaks

Agreement is entered into on: ________ between:

Daycare Provider

Name: Summer Lunsford

Address: _____________

City, State, Zip: Farmington, AR 72730

Telephone: 479-200-4762

And the Family



City, State, Zip:


Child’s Name:


Rate: __________PER WEEK

At Little Acorns Childcare, you are paying for a specific slot NOT per hour or per day, so no discounts are given if your child doesn't come to care. This includes parent vacation and exclusion due to illness. Payment is to be made prior to the vacation.

Days/Hours of Care: ______________________________________________________________

Hours of Operation: Normal hours of operation are 6:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday. I am occasionally available for overtime, overnight, or weekend care. Any non-contracted care will be by special arrangement only. There will be an extra charge for this service.

Registration fees: A non-refundable set-up fee of $25 is charged upon registration of each child.

You are also required to pay in advance a fee equal to one week's childcare services. This fee will be credited to your account for your last week of childcare if given two weeks notice, but is nonrefundable for any termination prior proper notification.

Payment Schedule: Fees are payable in advance and are due no later than drop off time on the first day of the week the child is contracted for care. No exceptions are made for absences due to illness, vacation, or other reasons. You can always pay early. Payment is still due the first of the week. A fee of $25 will be charged on late payments.

Over-time fee: A late fee equal to $5 per child shall be made per 15 minute intervals for pick ups later or drop off earlier than the above agreed upon time. Example - 1 to 15 minutes late or early, you owe $5 per child; 16 to 30 minutes late or early, you owe $10. This will be strictly enforced and more than 2 late notices may result in a Termination of Services notice. If one-day (meaning 24 hours) prior notice of late pick up or early drop off was arranged late fee would be waived.

Returned checks: In the event of a "bounced check" you will be responsible for all bank charges incurred and will be required to pay in cash from that time on.


There are some advantages of a home day care. For example: Home-like atmosphere, Smaller group sizes, Provider/ Child relationship continues through different ages, and Easy Communication between parent and provider.

I am licensed through the state and follow the preschool curriculum set up through DHS. It focuses on getting children ready for kindergarten. It teaches children shapes, colors, ABCs, counting, numbers, science, problem solving, reading, and phonics.

I also offer: Character building lessons, Therapy/ Emotions/ Copying skills, Science projects, Art projects, and Library trips

Additional Benefits: Quarterly child play dates and free date night. There will also be a monthly news letter to up-date parents about the facility and the improvements of the children.


I feel it is the parents’ responsibility to teach religious ideas but I would like to talk about God in my house and say prayers before meals. If parents do not feel comfortable with anything, please feel free to let me know.


Daycare Holidays: Weekly fees for your child will be as follows:

Daycare will be closed with pay on the following holidays: The day before thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas day, the day after Christmas day, and 4th of July.

Other Closures: If I take any additional days off for vacation, illness, family emergency, trainings or workshops, etc., parents do not pay. Parents are responsible to have back-up care available in case of these closings. (I will have a backup for these days unless my backs up are not able to come too.)


Minor bumps and scratches are inevitable, but I make every effort to keep the children safe through supervision and childproofing. Minor injuries receive appropriate first aid, and if an emergency injury or illness occurs, you will be contacted as soon as possible. If necessary, your child will be taken to the nearest hospital where you will be asked to meet us.

I am prepared with emergency caregivers in cases of unplanned absences of short duration caused by unanticipated circumstances such as illness, accident, or other family crises at the daycare home. Parents will be notified when an emergency caregiver will be used. If an emergency caregiver cannot be located, parents may be requested to pick up their children.

Parents are responsible for all costs involved in emergency medical treatment, including emergency transportation if required. Summer Lunsford, or her family will not be held liable for any sickness/injury of either parent/guardian or child while on these premises, or while the child is in the company of the provider during field trips or outings.


Both nonprescription and prescription medications, ointments, and creams can be given to your child if needed. Parents are required to fill out the proper forms and to supply all medications in their original containers. These must be labeled with the child's name.


The following rules are reinforced for the safety and well being of everyone. There is no running in the house. There is no hitting, pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, pinching the other children. Obscene language is not allowed. Respectful treatment of other children and all property, toys, and furniture is expected. Willful destruction of property will be charged to the parent at the cost to replace the item. The Child shall not inflict physical pain, hitting, slapping, pinching, pulling hair, kicking, biting, or spiting on another child or self. The Child will be expected to treat others with respect.


My philosophy is that you use discipline to teach a child. I achieve this through love, consistency, and firmness. The children are explained the rules of the daycare home frequently so that all know the guidelines. Once a child understands the rules and disobeys them, the following developmentally appropriate guidance techniques will be used. These techniques are: Redirection - Time Out - Removal of Privilege - Last Resort - when a child's behavior is continually upsetting or dangerous to myself or others, a Conference will be called with the parents. If the problems cannot be resolved, arrangements will have to be made for the child to go elsewhere for care.


Children are to arrive clean. It is normal for children to be hesitant and sometimes even cry when dropping them off. Please be very brief (no more than 5 minutes is sufficient) during drop off times; the longer you prolong the departure the harder it gets. A smile, cheerful good-bye kiss, and a reassuring word that you will be back is all you need to do. Please be very brief at pick up times also. This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (the parent and the provider) and all the children will test to see if the rules still apply. It is important that you back up my rules at this time, but if you do not, I will remind your child of inappropriate behaviors being displayed and take action to correct them if needed. Please be in control of your child during pick up times. Do not allow your child to run out to your car while you are still inside or while you are in my backyard. The safety rule is "No one goes outside without their parent with them."


I provide a blanket for rest time but parents need to provide a pillow. Parents are also required a complete change of clothing (including socks) appropriate for the weather to be kept at the daycare home. Soiled clothing will be sent home and a clean change of clothes should be brought back the next day. Good clothing is not recommended. Parents will be required to bring bathing suits to be kept at daycare in the summer. All items need to be labeled with your child's initials. Parents must maintain these items at all times.

Parents are required to supply diapers and baby wipes. I will notify you when your child's supply needs to be replenished. Parents should also bring an infant's/child's pain reliever, diaper rash ointment (if used), a toothbrush, and a small daily bag or backpack. Parents are required to bring milk and/or baby food for infants.

Provided for children- Breakfast, Lunch, and two snacks for children (who are eating solids), bibs, all furniture, blanket and nap mat, toys, art supplies, school supplies, and “Home video” (once a month).


No toys should be brought from home. If something to sleep with is needed (special blanket or animal) bring it, but it will only be for naptime, and will be put up when the child first arrives. Exception: Show and Tell and other special activity days.


I will be more than happy to help with potty training provided that it is not done before the age of 2 years and parents initiate the process at home first, whether it is over a weekend or during vacation. I expect parents to work with me in this process. Potty training works best when putting the child in underwear or pull-ups. Putting a child in a diaper for your convenience will only confuse the child and delay the training process. I also require that all potty training children wear clothing that they can handle successfully on their own - no onesies, no overalls, no belts or jeans with buttons or snaps. Elastic waist pants are the most appropriate. Parents will be asked to supply extra sets of spare clothing during the training period.


I will provide a special food treat for their child's "special birth day." Gifts are not expected and will be put out of sight, if brought, for the birthday child to take home with him/her at the end of the day. I do have holiday parties several times throughout the year. Signup sheets will be posted at the front door for your assistance with these days as needed on a voluntary basis.


All food will be provided at no additional charge for children on table food. This includes breakfast for children arriving before 7:30 am, lunch, and afternoon snack. I have set meal times and snack times. Parents are responsible for feeding the child if he/she will arrive at daycare after a mealtime. Infants are always fed on demand. I belong to the Child Care Food Program and all meals provided are nutritious and well rounded. Except for special occasions and when requested, please do not send any food, drink, or candy with your child. Written feeding instructions are required from parents of infants including type of food and/or formula, amount of food and/or formula, and feeding times. If your child requires a modified diet, I will need a physician's written instructions.


Each child 6 years of age and younger is required to have a rest period. If your child no longer naps, he/she may look at books, but must remain quiet for the other children I also ask that parents do not bring children in or pick them up during this period as it has proven to be very disruptive to the other children.


Referrals from a current client are one of the biggest compliments I can receive. As a special thank you, Little Acorns Childcare offers families a free day of care for each referral that enrolls. Your free day will be deducted from your weekly fee after the referred child has attended for 2 weeks.


· Parents are required to notify me by 8 am if their child will not be coming for the day.

· Parents are required to keep me informed of any change in addresses, telephone numbers, and other pertinent information.

· Parents are required to inform me if they are at any other location than what is listed on their Enrollment Record and to provide a telephone number for that place.

· No smoking or drinking is allowed on premises.

· The daycare home will have a fire/ tornado drill at least once per month.

· Provider will promptly report to the proper authorities any sign of neglect or abuse of the children in care.

· Parent/Provider conferences are held twice a year, in January and in July.

· A newsletter is distributed to parents each month. Parents are responsible to read this for news of what is happening in the daycare home, provider day's off, and other relative information which you may need to know.

· Provider maintains an open-door policy for parents during daycare hours. Please feel free to come by anytime during daycare hours. Please knock and wait for someone to answer the door for after daycare hours. Please remember that this is my home after hours. Parents are encouraged to call me at anytime during the day or evening. Most of times I will not be able to answer the phone as I am quite busy with the children - please leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as possible. Please feel free to talk to me about any concerns you may have.


The first 14 calendar days from child's start date are a probationary period for the provider, child, and parent. This agreement may be terminated at any time during this period. After the probationary period, this agreement may be terminated by either party by giving two-week's written notice if the child or children are to be permanently withdrawn from daycare. Two-week's pay will be accepted in lieu of the two-week's written notice. The two weeks payment will be due even if the child does not attend daycare. Any outstanding fees must be paid on or before childs last day. If it becomes necessary for me to resort to legal action to collect fees, the parent(s) will be responsible of any legal fees incurred on my part. The Provider will also give the Family two-week's written notice of intent to cancel this agreement except in cases of family emergency (Provider's) or gross misconduct on the part of the parent or child. Failure to follow the agreement rules in this contract may be cause for immediate termination with no notice. Reason for immediate termination (but not limited to): failure to complete required forms, lack of parental cooperation, lack of payment, and violence upon any person or child. Provider will give the Family a minimum of two-week's written notice of any increase in fees or significant changes to this agreement.

I understand all of the following and agree to comply with all the above conditions by signing this documents.

Parental Signature: _________________________________Date:______________

Parental Signature: _________________________________ Date:______________

Daycare Provider Signature:__________________________Date:______________

Illness Policy

Health requirements: all children must be up to date on all shots; unless there is a medical reason (documentation is required). If your child does become ill, it is the parent(s) or guardian(s) responsibility to make arrangements and have the child picked up immediately. My number one goal is to keep my children and the children in my care safe so your child will be sent home if child is suffering from one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Fever of 100 or higher
  • Skin rash (other than diaper or heat rash) – child can not return until written documentation from a physician is given indicating that it is not a communicable.
  • Diarrhea for an extended amount of time or if it is not contained in a diaper or underwear.
  • Vomiting two or more times in the same day.
  • Any parasitic infestation (lice, scabies, flees, etc.)
  • Pink eye.
  • Chicken pox (not able to return until all blisters have dried)
  • Ring worm, Measles, Rubella, or Mumps (not able to return for 6 days)
  • Sore throat, trouble swallowing, or trouble breathing.
  • Known or suspected contagious diseases.

Parents will inform me within 24 hours of a diagnosis of a serious illness or contagious disease to protect my family and the families of those who attend the daycare. The child is not allowed to return until the child has been symptom free, without the aid of symptom reducing medications such as Tylenol, for a full 24 hours or the above suggested times. I reserve the right to ask for a note from your family doctor.

I have read and understand this policy. I will take responsibility for the care of my child. I agree to the above illness policy.


Parent or guardian Date


Parent or guardian Date


Provider Date


I will not be transporting children in less it is an emergency. If this situation comes, all children will be placed in safety-approved car seats as required by Arkansas State Laws. I ask for your permission to allow your child to travel in my car.

_____________________ gives his/her permission for ___________(child) to travel in the daycare Provider's vehicle.

Parent Signature:__________________________

Parent Signature:__________________________


The following person(s) have my permission to pick up my child from daycare:

Name                                       Phone number
Name                                       Phone number
Name                                      Phone number

I understand that if the Provider has not met the above-named person(s), a photo ID must be shown before release is made and I must inform the Provider in advance that alternate arrangements for pickup have been planned.

Parent Signature:_________________________________

Parent Signature:_______________________________


_______________________ gives his/her permission for ___________(child) to participate in all swimming and water-play activities (with sunscreen) at the daycare home. Sunscreen will be applied on all kids before going outside for any reason.

Parent Signature:_________________________________

Parent Signature:_______________________________


The provider has my permission to: (Please circle yes or no)

Take photos and video of my child/children Yes No
Give my telephone number and address to other parents Yes No

Parent Signature:__________________________________

Parent Signature:_______________________________

Discipline and Guidance Policy


  1. To keep all children safe.
  2. To teach self-control, self-respect, and responsibility so that children can be well-adjusted and successful.

For infants (younger than 2)…

  • Redirection- turning child’s attention for unacceptable behavior to acceptable behaviors.
  • Verbal Directions (what child can do)
  • Praise for appropriate behavior.
  • Removal from other kids when safety of child and others is in danger.

For children older than 2….

  • Redirection- turning child’s attention for unacceptable behavior to acceptable behaviors.
  • Verbal Directions- (what child can do)
  • 1,2,3 Magic
  • Remind child of rules
  • Praise for appropriate behavior.
  • Removal from other kids when safety of child and others is in danger.
  • Time out (Cool Down Time)- time will be turned by how old the child is. For example, a two year old should only be in time out for two minutes.
  • Each child’s name and picture will be put on a paper acorn that will move up the “oak tree” when the child displays appropriate behavior during the day. At the end of the day, a child will be praised for getting to top of the tree and will be given a sticker on a behavior chart. The child will start each day at the bottom of the tree.

The child will receive a small prize at the end of the week that will depend on how many stickers they earned during the week.

Techniques that will not be used……

  • Physical punishment
  • Withholding food
  • Screaming at child
  • Putting child “down” by name calling, shaming, or labeling child negatively.

I understand the rules and behavior techniques that will be used by child care worker(s) and what is expected of my child.

________________________________ ________________

Parent DATE

________________________________ ________________

Parent DATE

Schedules/ Routines:


Infant/ Toddler

Preschool/ 2 years and up.

School- Age

6:30 am


Arrival/ bath break


7:30 am




8:00 am

Music time/ diaper check

Music/ dancing

8:30 am

Infant play/ watch older kids.

Circle time/ rules/ reading


9:30 am

Diaper check/ activities with care giver.

Bathroom/ Play time

10:30 am

Drink/ Snack Break/ Clean up / Diaper check

Drink/ snack break/ Clean up

11:00 am

Outside play

Outside play

12:00 pm

Clean up/ TV or quiet activities/ LUNCH

Clean up/ bathroom/ TV or quiet activities/ LUNCH

12:45 pm

Nap/ Diaper check


2:00 pm

Nap/ quiet activity

Wake up/ Bathroom/ Art/ clean up/ snack

3:00 pm

Diapers check/ snack & drink/ play area.

Character building/ Christian Values/


4:00 pm

Play area

Circle time/ rules/ Reading


Snack, homework

5:00 pm

Activities with care giver. Diaper check

Playtime/ Music


6:00-6:30 pm

Pick up time/ clean up

Pick up time/ clean up

Pick up/ Clean up

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